Do It Yourself (DIY) Bootcamp

This comprehensive, 12-Week ONLINE-ONLY Bootcamp covers the root causes of your emotional symptoms and helps you bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance naturally (without medications).  This course is ideal for anyone looking for natural solutions to depression-like symptoms through lifestyle changes based on the educational guidance of an experienced holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Achina Stein.  

What's included in the 12-Week Bootcamp Online Course?

12-Weeks of Step-by-Step Dietary & Lifestyle Training Videos

These videos help you successfully implement all aspects of Dr. Stein’s book, "What If It’s Not Depression?" into your life. The videos cover the following topics:

  1. Mindset & Visioning — Set yourself up for the future

  2. Health History Timeline — Learn from your past

  3. Investigative Health Assessments — Take questionnaires & tests

  4. Gut Dysbiosis & Gut Infections — Learn about the microbiome, infections & order Functional Medicine Lab Testing

  5. Digestion, Food Plans & Dietary Education — Learn about digestion, leaky gut, gluten dairy & more

  6. Swapping out Food in the Kitchen — Learn how to grocery shop & organize your home with healthy whole foods

  7. Environmental Toxins in your Home — Learn what products are toxic in your home, how to deal with mold & more

  8. Sleep & Movement — Learn tips for better sleep and how to move/exercise mindfully

  9. Stress Management Techniques — Learn tapping, meditation & more

  10. Behavior Change & Cravings — Learn factors that cause you to fall off the tracks

  11. Emotional Restoration  — Train your emotions and change your perception of yourself and the world

  12. Celebrating Wins!

You will also get a PDF of Dr. Stein’s book to read as a guide.


What do they say

Reem H.
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"Working with Dr. Stein and Molly Segal has been great while I was completing the Healthyself Bootcamp. They helped me identify the root cause of my health issues and make recommendations to treat it. They were very helpful and supportive to me in my journey to healing. I highly recommend them!"
Maricela L.
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This course really helped me take the time to learn my body and took everything step by step in my own time which helped me a lot as I’m a busy mom of 2. I do recommend taking the coaching because like with anything I have many questions. Molly was awesome she answered all my questions and helped really dissect the course better for me. I learned a lot and now I’m on another path in my health journey. Without this course, I think I’d still be lost. Now I have some answers and directions. It’s a journey to heal but you have to start somewhere I think this is a great place to start."

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