Group Coaching Bootcamp

Dr. Achina Stein’s 12-week ONLINE & IN-PERSON course will include direct access to Dr. Stein via zoom, providing the same educational information and functional medicine coaching that she gives to her patients in her clinic. This course is ideal for anyone looking for natural solutions to depression-like symptoms through lifestyle changes under the guidance of an experienced holistic psychiatrist.  Keep in mind that this is informational only and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.  However, the information will help you learn how to take action on your path to better mental and physical health, hopefully finding the right care for you.

What's included in the 12-Week Bootcamp Online Course?

1. 12-Weeks of Step-by-Step Dietary & Lifestyle Training Videos

These videos help you successfully implement all aspects of Dr. Stein’s book, "What If It’s Not Depression?" into your life. The videos cover the following topics:

What if its not depression - group coaching online or in person
  1. Mindset & Visioning — Set yourself up for the future

  2. Health History Timeline — Learn from your past

  3. Investigative Health Assessments — Take questionnaires & tests

  4. Gut Dysbiosis & Gut Infections — Learn about the microbiome, infections & order Functional Medicine Lab Testing

  5. Digestion, Food Plans & Dietary Education — Learn about digestion, leaky gut, gluten dairy & more

  6. Swapping out Food in the Kitchen — Learn how to grocery shop & organize your home with healthy whole foods

  7. Environmental Toxins in your Home — Learn what products are toxic in your home, how to deal with mold & more

  8. Sleep & Movement — Learn tips for better sleep and how to move/exercise mindfully

  9. Stress Management Techniques — Learn tapping, meditation & more

  10. Behavior Change & Cravings — Learn factors that cause you to fall off the tracks

  11. Emotional Restoration  — Train your emotions and change your perception of yourself and the world

  12. Celebrating Wins!

You will also get a PDF of Dr. Stein’s book to read as a guide.

2. Three 15-minute 1:1 Coaching Calls with our Bootcamp Health Coach, Molly Segal

These videos help you successfully implement all aspects of Dr. Stein’s book, "What If It’s Not Depression?" into your life. The videos cover the following topics:

woman student has video call on laptop on stone step of bench cascade

3. Weekly Group Q&A Sessions with Achina Stein (each 90 minutes) for 13 weeks

These sessions get your most pressing questions answered about the module of that week & address homework and challenges you encountered.

4. Inclusion in our “WIIND” Private Community Group on Thinkific

This group provides interactive 24/7 chat support with all the other members of the program and will be facilitated by our Health Coach, Molly Segal.

5. WellWorld App Access

This convenient app is a critical tool that makes it easy to follow Dr. Stein’s guidance and lifestyle recommendations. The app is fun and keeps you on track throughout the day with health reminders.

Curcumin Herbal Supplement Capsules and Turmeric Powder

6. Supplements

Supplements are optional at an extra cost and can be ordered directly from the Well World app.

7. Lab Tests

Lab tests (functional blood panel and GIMap stool test) are optional at an extra cost and can be ordered directly from our designated lab.

We want to make sure you are the right fit for this program so please book a 25-minute discovery call below with Dr. Stein!

We have a payment plan option using The Advanced Care Card (ACC). Essentially you apply for ACC just like a credit card on the website and then use that credit card to pay for the Bootcamp. The card covers most health expenses and is very popular among patients. It's super easy to apply for the card. Just click on the link below if you're interested!


Your questions answered

This program is called a Bootcamp because we intensely investigate the root causes of your depression and anxiety and methodically reverse the majority of your symptoms by the end of the 12 weeks.  This program provides rapid results if you are focused and motivated.  Any unresolved symptoms will be addressed with a plan for your next steps when the Bootcamp concludes.  It will prepare you to be in a place where you can potentially taper and discontinue unnecessary medication. 

Every Thursday from 4-5:30pm ET

Once you register and pay you will be directed to an online platform called Thinkific.  This is where the content for the program in terms of videos and homework resides.

This Bootcamp is for people who are frustrated by the traditional medical system.  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tire?  Have you been given a diagnosis of depression or offered a prescription for an antidepressant or psychotherapy, but find that they haven’t worked?  If so, this is the program for you.  This program is also for people who have had multiple trials of medications and discover that they don’t work for long or they have side effects or withdrawal symptoms and are still not feeling better.  This program will help resolve your anxiety and depressive symptoms and provide a plan for your future through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Yes, every single Zoom coaching call is with both Achina Stein and Molly Segal.  You get twelve 90-minute LIVE coaching calls with both Achina & Molly plus a small group of other participants (4-12 people).  The group dynamic is important because people ask questions that you might not have considered and you learn a lot from each other.  It’s actually been studied that this kind of group coaching is more effective than one-on-one patient care. Community is critical for healing.

Yes, you complete the videos, reading and homework prior to the Zoom calls, but if you don’t finish, that’s ok too.  It helps to watch the videos and complete the lessons so you can ask more informed questions in the Zoom coaching calls.

About 5 hours or less.  Some lessons have more videos and require more time than others but it’s still about 5 hours per week. 

Yes, all the Zoom coaching sessions are recorded and then posted in Thinkific so you can watch them again.

Yes, if you get behind you will have time to catch up during the following week.  You have access to the content for a whole year.  If you have questions about a previous module you can still ask those in any of the following Zoom coaching sessions. 

There can be anywhere from 4-12 participants in any bootcamp. Yes, you are all together on every single Zoom coaching call.  Occasionally there might be a time where a spontaneous breakout session would be appropriate but those are not planned at this time.  Separate from the group Zoom calls you will have three individual coaching sessions with Molly Segal, our health coach to go over more specific issues you are working on.

Yes, we encourage you to share your health stories because it benefits the group but however much you choose to share is completely up to you!  We try very hard to create a warm and supportive environment where everyone is comfortable sharing their health stories.  You are not required to share but we encourage participation.

Either Achina or Molly will answer your questions in the group honestly and supportively.  You can raise your hand to ask a question.  We go around the group each week and ask each person to share their experience with the lessons.  In the Zoom sessions we will do a short review of each week’s lesson and then open it up to sharing, questions and comments from the group. There’s a lot to discuss!

The self-paced DIY Bootcamp is like any other online course and it does not include LIVE coaching calls with Achina Stein & Molly Segal or any individual coaching sessions with Molly Segal.  There are no Zoom meetings or health coaching sessions to help answer your personal questions in the DIY Bootcamp but you still have access to all the videos and worksheets to do on your own.

No, you are not required to take supplements in this program.  They are optional.  We do have supplement recommendations based on your symptoms. We believe that supplements help you reach your health goals faster because they serve as a bridge while you are learning and applying lifestyle and dietary changes.  You are welcome to take your own supplements.

The first payment gives you access to modules 1-3 to get started.  When we charge the second payment you will get access to modules 4-12. 

Molly Segal is a board-certified health coach.  She graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (the coaching school created by the Institute of Functional Medicine).  She helps people with the psychology of behavior change when it comes to healthy lifestyle integration including the topics of food, exercise, meditation, sleep and more.

Our sessions focus more on health concerns and on people’s individual journeys as opposed to focusing on the psychology of past events.  Those issues do come up and are absolutely related to overall well-being but we keep the meetings positive and work to reframe “triggering” conversations.  We want to empower you. The meetings are NOT therapy sessions and we do not dive deeply into childhood trauma. 

The sessions are focused on food and lifestyle integration and how the body and mind are connected. Life traumas play a role in health, but we provide tools to work through these issues.  We provide each person with equal time in the session to share their thoughts, if they desire. 

The healing from this group comes from active listening, interacting and active participation. It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the group to keep your video off and only listen throughout the calls.  If you can’t participate with others in the group, perhaps this program is not appropriate for you. Turning your video off during transition periods is understandable.    

No, the first installment is a commitment to the whole program, just paid over three payments.  We give you access to Part I first and then Part II when we receive your second payment. 

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