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Discover why most cases of low moods & listlessness are misdiagnosed as “clinical depression”... and what to do if it’s not depression.

Tired of hearing from your family practitioner (or even your psychiatrist) that you are depressed and that the only course of action is symptomatic treatment with antidepressants?

Sick and tired of BEING so tired dealing with low moods and brain fog? Fed up with being ignored by your doctors when you tell them that you’re struggling with other symptoms like stomach discomfort, aches and pains, and sleep issues?
Being diagnosed with depression presents unique health challenges (no matter your age) and comes with a long list of life-draining symptoms that many people suffer from (and may mean it’s not a case of classic depression)!
Sadly, few conventionally trained health practitioners are equipped to address – or even recognize the root cause of low moods, low energy, brain fog, anxiety and other symptoms of impaired mental health.
As a classically-trained MD specializing in Functional Medicine and mental health, I know your struggles all too well. Not only did me and my son go through many of the debilitating symptoms most people struggle with and heal, but since then, I have become an in-demand educator and go-to expert for practitioners and patients alike.
woman with depression symptoms - What if it's not depression bootcamps

Ever Wonder If You Actually Have Depression
(Or If It’s Something Else)?

woman wondering if she has depression or something else

Maybe you say these things to yourself…. “I guess I feel awful because it’s just part of being depressed like my doctor has told me” or “maybe it’s my genetics”, or “maybe I just burned myself out working so hard”?

Maybe you’ve already put a lot of effort into finding a solution – seeing specialist after specialist…

… only to be told “you’re depressed” and “take the medication and hope for the best” – even though you sense they are missing something.

Yet undeniably, you have also seen a steady decline in your energy and unwanted weight gain to boot… which is making the aches and pains worse.

Maybe you are even feeling cheated by how much effort you put into working with many doctors to “just get a straight answer” and how to “get back to where you used to be”?

Or maybe you’ve seen some other upsetting changes in your skin and bowel movement… keying you in that it’s probably not a classical case of depression.

I understand exactly what you are experiencing right now, because I also experienced many of these tiresome symptoms early on in my career.

Yet as a traditionally trained doctor at the time, I simply could not find the answers.

That led me to seek additional medical training in Functional Medicine, which I now combine into a truly comprehensive approach towards rebalancing physical and mental health.

As an in-demand educator and go-to expert in mental health, I am on a mission to help as many patients as possible through my practice Functional Mind LLC, as well as teaching nationally on how food, lifestyle, gut health and environmental factors impact your mental balance.

Dr Achina Stein - author of What If Its Not Depression book

Ever Wonder How To Go Back To Feeling Like Yourself…
And Wake Up Refreshed, Ready To Take On The Day?

If so, I get it.

You’ve tried many things to get yourself back into balance, been for your check up and maybe even followed traditional advice from a psychiatrist.… and yet you’re constantly feeling tired, depressed, irritable and fatigued – while you see other people thrive in their careers, enjoy their family and have a blast during the weekend.

You wonder, “What am I missing?”

Thing is, you know in your heart something is off! This is not normal for your body… but you just don’t know where to turn.

On top of that, you’re dealing with a huge to-do list, trying to be a good parent or spouse – but instead end up feeling guilty because you’re snapping all the time when you interact with others. Other days, you just feel awful that you can’t “get things done” the way you used to.

But the truth is… it’s not your fault.

Many times there’s more to a diagnosis of “depression” than meets the eye!
Of course you’d be jaded, skeptical, and leery hearing this when all your doctors have told you “you’re just depressed” after you’ve spent precious time in appointments, having blood work and follow-up exams. But here’s the thing…
When you are suffering from mental imbalances, standard medical care (even standard psychiatry) is ill-equipped to get to the root of the issue!
While traditionally trained doctors are great at acute care (like broken arms), they are not trained in rebalancing the complex body-brain interplay or dealing with many of the chronic ailments (like gut infections or food sensitivities) that definitely contribute to low moods.
The #1 reason that people continue to suffer from depression symptoms is that they don’t have access to the right information on what drives these imbalances in the first place.
woman with depression - there’s more to a diagnosis of “depression” than meets the eye!
The secret to unravelling those symptoms is getting the right INFORMATION to understand where you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself, what dietary and lifestyle changes are a MUST, and what you need to do to get back in balance (and back to your old self)!
Well, I bet you’re wondering, “But I have been eating well and getting to bed early… but it’s not helping!”
There is a lot of conflicting nutrition and health information out there that is just “plain wrong”. So much so, that people sabotage their brain health without even knowing it! In fact, many people, even those who eat relatively healthy, are still nutrient deficient — and deficient in brain-protective nutrients.
That’s why anyone dealing with depression-like symptoms should know the basic ways to boost brain health through nutrition and other lifestyle habits as well considering anything biological that could be to blame.

Thing is, you know in your heart something is off! This is not normal for your body… but you just don’t know where to turn.

On top of that, you’re dealing with a huge to-do list, trying to be a good parent or spouse – but instead end up feeling guilty because you’re snapping all the time when you interact with others. Other days, you just feel awful that you can’t “get things done” the way you used to.

But the truth is… it’s not your fault.

The Reason Why Mental Health Issues Are So Prevalent? People Don’t Know How To Care For Their Brains!

Why Mental Health Issues Are So Prevalent? People Don’t Know How To Care For Their Brains

The good news is, you can start to adjust those factors to bring back balance to your life, and resolve depression without going on antidepressants.

I had to learn these things through years of education as well as trial and error… but I don’t want you to go through the same thing I did, dealing with persistent symptoms and feeling depressed because no one shared this critical information with me!!

Can you imagine how good that would feel… to be finally free of your fatigue, low moods, and brain fog so you can get your life back?

To finally have your piece of mind back, shed a few pounds and sleep soundly at night? To finally have the energy to get your work done and enjoy time with your family again?

It is possible, as I have seen with countless of my patients and myself… and this is why I created a 12-week bootcamp to help you revitalize your brain… to cover all the information that unfortunately isn’t common knowledge.

What You Need To Know About The Bootcamp

This comprehensive, 12-week bootcamp covers the root causes of your emotional symptoms and helps you bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance naturally (without medications).
Keep in mind that this is informational only and does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.
However, the information will help you learn how to take action on your path to better mental and physical health, hopefully finding the right care for you.
shift your mindset - What if it's not depression book, bootcamps & online counseling

WEEK 1 - Shift Your Mindset

Discover why you were prescribed or offered antidepressant medication, and what is needed to shift your mindset and set well-intentioned goals for your perfect life vision. The benefit of shifting your mindset is to feel confident about your life’s direction and manifest the depression-free future you deserve.

investigative health tools - What if it's not depression book, bootcamps & online counseling

WEEK 2 - Investigative Health Tools

Assess where your health stands right now with several investigative questionnaires & simple tests, plus get a baseline read on your toxicity exposure. The benefit of these investigative tools is to discover the extent of your symptoms and recognize the specific physical areas you need to address to dive deeper into why you feel depressed and fatigued.

health history timeline - What if it's not depression book and bootcamps

WEEK 3 - Health History Timeline

Create a timeline that informs you about your health history and how it has shaped your current health situation. The benefit of mapping out your health history is to identify past events that have predisposed, provoked, and contributed to your depression-like symptoms – revealing reoccurring themes, a family history of mental illness and “perfect storms” that catapulted you down the wrong health path.

food as medicine - What if it's not depression book, bootcamps & online counseling

WEEK 4 - Food is Medicine, Food is Poison

Discover how leaky gut syndrome and systemic inflammation are the baseline cause for most chronic diseases and mental health conditions. You’ll learn how to implement a Clean Eating food plan that also addresses food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies so we can remove an onslaught of systemic inflammation. We also dive into what foods improve your mood (affect serotonin) and what foods can make your mood worse and bring on feelings of depression. This is how we can use food as medicine instead of using antidepressants.

diet and lifestyle changes - What if it's not depression book and bootcamps

WEEK 5 - Swap Out the Food in Your Kitchen

One of the hardest things to learn is how to change behavior and this week will help provide you with a clean slate to make mood-boosting, depression-busting food choices easily and without feeling overwhelmed. Learn how to clean out your pantry and fridge, how to navigate the grocery store and cook a clean meal. The benefits of cleaning up your food spaces and learning to grocery shop will make eating healthy more efficient and easy.

clean out toxins - What if it's not depression book, bootcamps & online counseling

WEEK 6 - Clean out the Toxins in Your Home

One of the easiest ways to reduce the toxic burden on your body is to remove anything in your environment (chemicals, EMF, VOCs, mold, etc) that may be triggering your depressive symptoms. These are easy fixes that can produce major results to help clear your mind and mood. You will complete a toxic exposure questionnaire to see where you fall short, and learn how to choose the right products for your home with helpful apps.

sleep hygiene - What if it's not depression book, bootcamps & online counseling

WEEK 7 - Learn to Sleep & Move

The benefits of hacking your sleep hygiene and exercise plan are endless but ultimately when your sleep and movement are in sync they can drastically reduce symptoms of depression and increase mental resilience to outside stressors. Learn about sleep hygiene and modern movement that doesn’t have to be called “exercise.” Do the MSQ again to track your progress.

diet for healthy microbiome - What if it's not depression book and bootcamps

WEEK 8 - Revisit Your Diet Plan

There are lots of roadblocks surrounding lifestyle change. By talking through these issues, you’ll build the awareness where past (emotional) trauma may be holding you hostage, so you can weed out any emotional ties to behaviors and cut the endless bad habit loops that keep you in a depressive state. You’ll troubleshoot issues surrounding food and lifestyle and consider adding certain foods back into your diet.

overcoming anxiety - What if it's not depression book and bootcamps

WEEK 9 - Learn Your Stress Triggers

Stress management might be the most significant tool you’ll learn from this bootcamp for hacking depression. Dealing with stress appropriately in the moment can put your body into a parasympathetic state, kicking inflammation, cortisol and depressive symptoms to the curb. In this module, you’ll discover tips and tricks to deal with both acute and chronic stress. The benefits of stress management sometimes put all the other work we’ve done to shame.

handling emotions - What if it's not depression book and bootcamps

WEEK 10 - 5R’S of Emotional Restoration

When you dive deeper into your personal habits, you’ll be amazed to discover the habit loops that trip you up over and over again, keeping you in a depressive state. We help you ponder over all your behaviors surrounding your food, sleep and movement and guide you to create a personalized path to the depression-free zone! You’ll also learn the 5R’s of Emotional Restoration: Recap, Reflect, Recognition, Resistance and Roadblocks – so you can move past deep-rooted emotional obstacles that are preventing you from making healthy changes or choices.

MSQ assessment - What if it's not depression book, bootcamps & online counseling

WEEK 11 - Reflections & Next Steps

In this module, you’ll take another MSQ assessment to identify your ACTUAL, real-time progress with everything we’ve implemented in the previous modules. This module is a review of everything you’ve learned to solidify your choices and check in to see how your depressive symptoms have improved – plus chart out the road ahead after the completion of the bootcamp!

happy people - What if it's not depression book and bootcamps

WEEK 12 - Celebrate Wins!

Present your wins to the class! Feel confident and prepared to FINALLY take control of your health! The benefits of celebrating your health wins are important for recognizing how hard you worked and truly relishing in a positive new outlook on life. You will be grateful for all that you’ve accomplished in this program to beat your depressive symptoms and live the life you were meant to live!

Dynamic Support Structures & Accountability Included

Beyond the 12-week bootcamp – you’ll have access to dynamic support structures to help you take massive action and get real results transforming your mental + physical health for good.


Weekly Group Q&A Sessions With Achina Stein

These weekly 90-minute sessions get your most pressing questions answered about the module of that week & address homework and challenges you encountered. Ask Achina and our team anything and get the direct support, guidance, and coaching you need for learning, application, and reinforcement. We’ll also be here (depending on the situation) to cheer you on! ($7,500 value)

Private Member Portal

24-hour access to all the training, homework assignments, PDF handouts, worksheets and everything else related to the bootcamp all in one convenient place.

Private Community Group on Thinkific

You are not alone. Just imagine being able to connect with other like-minded health seekers who are on a similar journey. This group provides interactive 24/7 chat support with all the other members of the program and will be facilitated by our Health Coach, Molly Sega

WellWorld App Access

The coveted WellWorld App will be your personal health guide throughout the program, providing you a food plan, recommended supplements and helps you keep track of daily habits. This convenient app is a critical tool that makes it easy to follow Dr. Stein’s guidance and lifestyle recommendations. The app is fun and keeps you on track throughout the day with health reminders.

Bonuses? Heck Yeah… Because You Deserve It!

Join our Bootcamp, and get two more bonuses that will help you go further, faster.

BONUS #1: Copy Of Dr. Achina Stein's Book ($17.95 value)

The bootcamp videos will help you successfully implement all aspects of Dr. Stein’s book, What If It’s Not Depression? (WIIND) into your life. But to go even deeper, you will also get a physical copy the book to read on your own.

What if its not depression book by Achina P Stein DO, IFMCP
online health coaching & classes

BONUS #2: Three 15-minute 1:1 Coaching Calls with our Bootcamp Health Coach ($500 value)

As part of the bootcamp, we’ll hook you up with three one-on-one calls with your bootcamp health coach Molly Segal. These calls give you more personalized support and guidance throughout the bootcamp, and help address specific stumbling blocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is called a Bootcamp because we intensely investigate the root causes of your depression and anxiety and methodically reverse the majority of your symptoms by the end of the 12 weeks.  This program provides rapid results if you are focused and motivated.  Any unresolved symptoms will be addressed with a plan for your next steps when the Bootcamp concludes.  It will prepare you to be in a place where you can potentially taper and discontinue unnecessary medication. 

Every Thursday from 4-5:30pm ET

Once you register and pay you will be directed to an online platform called Thinkific.  This is where the content for the program in terms of videos and homework resides.

This Bootcamp is for people who are frustrated by the traditional medical system.  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tire?  Have you been given a diagnosis of depression or offered a prescription for an antidepressant or psychotherapy, but find that they haven’t worked?  If so, this is the program for you.  This program is also for people who have had multiple trials of medications and discover that they don’t work for long or they have side effects or withdrawal symptoms and are still not feeling better.  This program will help resolve your anxiety and depressive symptoms and provide a plan for your future through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Yes, every single Zoom coaching call is with both Achina Stein and Molly Segal.  You get twelve 90-minute LIVE coaching calls with both Achina & Molly plus a small group of other participants (4-12 people).  The group dynamic is important because people ask questions that you might not have considered and you learn a lot from each other.  It’s actually been studied that this kind of group coaching is more effective than one-on-one patient care. Community is critical for healing.

Yes, you complete the videos, reading and homework prior to the Zoom calls, but if you don’t finish, that’s ok too.  It helps to watch the videos and complete the lessons so you can ask more informed questions in the Zoom coaching calls.

About 5 hours or less.  Some lessons have more videos and require more time than others but it’s still about 5 hours per week. 

Yes, all the Zoom coaching sessions are recorded and then posted in Thinkific so you can watch them again.

Yes, if you get behind you will have time to catch up during the following week.  You have access to the content for a whole year.  If you have questions about a previous module you can still ask those in any of the following Zoom coaching sessions. 

There can be anywhere from 4-12 participants in any bootcamp. Yes, you are all together on every single Zoom coaching call.  Occasionally there might be a time where a spontaneous breakout session would be appropriate but those are not planned at this time.  Separate from the group Zoom calls you will have three individual coaching sessions with Molly Segal, our health coach to go over more specific issues you are working on.

Yes, we encourage you to share your health stories because it benefits the group but however much you choose to share is completely up to you!  We try very hard to create a warm and supportive environment where everyone is comfortable sharing their health stories.  You are not required to share but we encourage participation.

Either Achina or Molly will answer your questions in the group honestly and supportively.  You can raise your hand to ask a question.  We go around the group each week and ask each person to share their experience with the lessons.  In the Zoom sessions we will do a short review of each week’s lesson and then open it up to sharing, questions and comments from the group. There’s a lot to discuss!

The self-paced DIY Bootcamp is like any other online course and it does not include LIVE coaching calls with Achina Stein & Molly Segal or any individual coaching sessions with Molly Segal.  There are no Zoom meetings or health coaching sessions to help answer your personal questions in the DIY Bootcamp but you still have access to all the videos and worksheets to do on your own.

No, you are not required to take supplements in this program.  They are optional.  We do have supplement recommendations based on your symptoms. We believe that supplements help you reach your health goals faster because they serve as a bridge while you are learning and applying lifestyle and dietary changes.  You are welcome to take your own supplements.

The first payment gives you access to modules 1-3 to get started.  When we charge the second payment you will get access to modules 4-12. 

Molly Segal is a board-certified health coach.  She graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (the coaching school created by the Institute of Functional Medicine).  She helps people with the psychology of behavior change when it comes to healthy lifestyle integration including the topics of food, exercise, meditation, sleep and more.

Our sessions focus more on health concerns and on people’s individual journeys as opposed to focusing on the psychology of past events.  Those issues do come up and are absolutely related to overall well-being but we keep the meetings positive and work to reframe “triggering” conversations.  We want to empower you. The meetings are NOT therapy sessions and we do not dive deeply into childhood trauma. 

The sessions are focused on food and lifestyle integration and how the body and mind are connected. Life traumas play a role in health, but we provide tools to work through these issues.  We provide each person with equal time in the session to share their thoughts, if they desire. 

The healing from this group comes from active listening, interacting and active participation. It wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the group to keep your video off and only listen throughout the calls.  If you can’t participate with others in the group, perhaps this program is not appropriate for you. Turning your video off during transition periods is understandable.    

No, the first installment is a commitment to the whole program, just paid over three payments.  We give you access to Part I first and then Part II when we receive your second payment. 

Question #1: Who is this course for?

This Course Is For You If...

This Course Is Not For You If...

Question #2: How soon can I start?

Our next bootcamp is right around the corner starting on January 6! Once you complete your purchase, you will be able to enroll and get started on the first three weeks even before the official kickoff.

Question #3: How much time will it take?

The 12 modules and their lessons take about 5 hours per week. Each module is broken down into small chunks, video lessons that average anywhere from 10-15 minutes each. You can take breaks whenever you need to, allowing you to progress at your own pace. You can go back and review any of the modules or lessons at any time to reaffirm your understanding or to refresh your memory as you put the material into practice.

Question #4: How do I access the recordings and materials?

Once you have purchased the “What If It’s Not Depression?” Bootcamp you will receive direct access to the modules inside the Thinkific platform, plus a follow-up email with your chosen login credentials. A Zoom link will be made available for the weekly 90 min sessions.

Question #5: What Is Not Included In The Bootcamp?


“What If It’s Not Depression” is for those exploring the possibility of utilizing a holistic, functional medicine perspective to support healthy habit changes. “What If It’s Not Depression” is for educational purposes only and does NOT constitute specific medical advice in a legal physician/patient relationship.

There are no guarantees made on accuracy at time of course publication, as the landscape of medicine and research changes daily. Always check with your personal physician.

Supplements and nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medications. It is important that you do NOT start or stop any prescription medications, vitamins or supplements without talking to your primary care physician first.

All of the products mentioned in “What If It’s Not Depression” have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by others who are qualified to do so.

By enrolling in “What If It’s Not Depression? Bootcamp,” you understand the above statements.

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